The 10 Easy Steps to Video Production

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably just hired a production team to create a video for your business, or you’re at least considering it. You probably want to know what goes into the whole process and what you’re going to have to do to make your video a success. Here at Orlando Video Production, we thought we would walk you through the whole process and get you acquainted with the routine in 10 simple steps.

Step 1

It’s time to get a clear idea of who your audience is, what message you want to get across, and everything there is to know about your product or service that you’re promoting. Once these ideas are straight in your head, we recommend writing them down and keeping them accessible throughout the whole project.

Step 2

This step is a bit of a two in one. The first part is deciding on a team who are all familiar with the ideas up in Step 1. This team will work together to develop a script and later will then be the same people that give input and suggest edits.

Now that you have your team, it’s time to write your script! This part is a lot of fun, so don’t stress. Here are some easy questions to ask yourself to guide you in your writing. Remember, we’re here to help as well!

1.     Who are you as a company?

2.     What is the problem that your product or service addresses?

3.     How does it address that problem?

4.     Are you utilizing testimonials or reviews?

5.     What is your call to action?

Step 3

It’s time to select some amazing actors and voice talent to make your video come to life. Don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas though, Orlando Video Production has this skill down to a science. We will be able to offer amazing talent that will support the tone and style of your video.

Step 4

The film crew gets down to work capturing the perfect footage.

Step 5

Editing takes place, leaving your video at approximately 80% done!

Step 6

Now that the first cut of video is complete, it’s time for your team to offer constructive input. It’s important here that your team doesn’t change. We know how tempting it is to bring outsiders in to get second opinions, but people who join late haven’t been there since the inception and don’t have the same understanding of the project. It may be a wise idea to appoint a key decision maker to make any final calls on things if there is a disagreement within the group.

Step 7

We take your comments to heart and do another round of edits on the video, putting its completion rate at approximately 90%.

Step 8

Any final edits or suggestions? Now is the time to share them with us!

Step 9

Here is where we take any of those last minute suggestions along with anything else to add the final finishing touches to the project.

Step 10

Everything is done! Your video is complete and ready for you to do as you please! Best of luck.