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Tips from Orlando Video Production on How to Use Your Business’s Video To Its Fullest Potential

You already know that utilizing video in your marketing efforts is a highly effective way to market your product or service. You’ve done all the work, made a great video, and now you might not be too sure what to do with it. Or, on the flip side, you’re highly considering contacting a production company to help make a video for your business, but you need help visualizing exactly how that video will be used once its done. Well, Orlando Video Production has you covered. Here are just a few examples of some great ways to use your business’s completed video.

Product Page

Did you know that four times as many people prefer to watch a video then read a product description? And 64% of users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video on it? We know you know the benefits of video marketing, but we want to make sure you don’t forget about the most simple way to use your business’s new video: posting it on the product page! People love being able to see a video next to the product they are considering purchasing, so along with your other marketing efforts, give your shoppers something to watch.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is recommended by Orlando Video Production as a sturdy and popular tactic that has been around for awhile now. Most of these emails follow the same format no matter how good your marketing team is. What’s really shaking things up recently though, is the inclusion of video within the emails. Whether explainer videos, or product demonstration, all types of videos are finding their way into email campaigns (increasing clickthrough by 96% according to a study performed by Implix).

Landing Page

Never underestimate the power of video on a landing page. Your business’s landing page is all about automatic impact and the lasting impression that you leave on your customers. Start your relationship off on the right foot with a powerful message that isn’t easily forgotten.  According to a study by Eyeview, including a video on your landing page can increase conversion by 80%. That’s just too much to be ignored.

Social Media

Posting your video on social media is guaranteed to increase your brand’s visibility. Whether this means posting your video to a company page or profile, or simply posting the video to YouTube, social media drastically increases the number of viewers. And as we all know, the more people that watch your video, the more sales you make.


Blogging is all the rage nowadays and consumers love to be able to look through a website’s blog and get an idea of the company’s tone and credibility. Posting your brand new video to your blog is a great way to not only showcase the video itself, but also build reputation in shopper’s eyes. The fact that you have a blog is often more important than the content contained within, and when people scroll through to check it out, videos can be awfully tempting to click upon.

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